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Anyone looking for the latest boxing news is in luck. Novibet is here to keep you updated with everything taking place in and out of the ring. That includes predictions for the action on the weekend and some top-notch betting tips. Our team follows all forms of fighting, including every weight class for both men’s and women’s professional boxing.

With our extensive betting experience, we are here to offer impartial advice for every major bust-up. That means bringing you boxing news 24/7 and providing boxing predictions today for upcoming fight nights. With over a dozen years of watching and betting on events across the world, we have plenty of experience predicting boxing matches. Don’t miss out on our excellent weekly boxing predictions.

Following the calendar is easy when you have a favourite fighter, but there are so many talented individuals out there. That’s where we come in. We collect world boxing news and condense it to make life easier for you. We use the latest news and our vast experience to create accurate Irish boxing predictions.

Boxing Betting Tips

Betting on a boxing match is never straightforward. There are so many aspects to consider, such as each fighter’s style and previous matchups. Fighters can also get a boost from a home crowd or even overdo it on the way to the ring. Boxing is often unpredictable, and anything can happen before, during, and after a fight. That’s why getting the latest news is so important.

To help you make winning boxing predictions today, we have created a helpful list of betting tips to use on any fighting event. We wish someone had told us these tips before we started betting, but hopefully, they can help you.

  • Don’t Believe the Hype: It’s so easy to get swept away by a media frenzy over which boxer is going to win the big fight, but upsets happen. Look at Katie Taylor’s homecoming or Anthony Joshua’s recent fights. The media narrative does not always correlate with how professional a fighter is. Sometimes the occasion can get the better of a boxer, so always go into a contest with an open mind.
  • Decisions Don’t Always Make Sense: If you have ever placed a wager on a boxer, odds are you suffered from a dodgy judge’s decision. Sometimes you can’t tell how the judges scored the contest, but their word is final. Remember that when you go to place a bet, put your referee cap on, take the occasion into account, and hopefully you will fall on the right side of their decision.
  • Live Wagers: Boxing matches are like a tango, there is toing and froing as each fighter looks to make their mark. That means one minute a fighter could be on the deck, and the next he could celebrate a knockout blow. Live betting is exciting but, be careful what you bet on. If you have a hunch on a knockdown, don’t get carried away with your stake. Only bet amounts you can afford to lose.
  • Do Research: Each fighter has a unique record which is carefully tracked online. You can see everything, including results, highlights, and punching stats. You can get lost in all this information, but refreshing yourself with the cold hard facts can help you avoid bad wagers. There are hundreds of bets before a fight takes place. However, only a handful of them come true.
  • Control Your Stake: A night of boxing is top-class entertainment. If you end up risking more than you can afford, then you have missed the point of the evening. It’s all about the fights, and if you can make a couple of euros in the process, then happy days. If not, then at least you got to see some incredible action. A successful bettor leaves their feelings at the door.

Boxing Predictions Today

We create boxing predictions for important fights across multiple divisions. We also focus on Irish fighters in competitions and mixed martial arts events. If you are searching for betting tips on the next fight, Novibet has got you covered. Our boxing tips have helped countless players avoid bad wagers on multiple occasions.

Why should you trust us over any other boxing news website? Our team has over ten years of experience watching events all over the world. We have been monitoring the performances of fighters across multiple weight classes and divisions. Our experience means we can help you avoid the mistakes we experienced during our early days. The weekly boxing predictions we provide are completely unsponsored. Any opinions we share are wagers we are going to place on fight night.

Even with all our experience, we can still get a few calls wrong. That’s the fun of betting on fights. You can’t be sure how things are going to go. However, if you follow our boxing predictions today, you can help avoid some of the nasty surprises that lay ahead.

Irish Boxing News 24/7

Keeping up to date with the latest boxing news is important, as little things do matter. If one fighter weighs in heavier than expected, that can have a drastic impact on the odds or outcome of the fight. That’s why we keep up to date with Irish boxing news 24/7. We keep our fingers on the pulse to let you know crucial information as soon as possible.

If you follow other websites for boxing news, you will see a lot of opinion pieces out there from ex-fighters. However, while they have tremendous insight, don’t believe everything you read out there. Part of boxing is throwing shade and other distractions to help one fighter get the edge. We are not discrediting any official sources. Just remember that everyone wants a different outcome. Putting a feisty quote out is just one way to tip the tide in someone else’s favour.

As well as sharing Irish boxing predictions and betting tips, we also have a busy year planned. We are going to create a series of lists to celebrate the best Irish boxers of all time and various other legendary fighters. Check back here in 2024 to see what we get up to and whether you agree with our lists.

Popular Irish Boxing Betting Markets

Betting on Boxing events is exciting, especially since there are hundreds of markets to consider for a big fight. For those of you looking for a little advice, we have created a list of the most popular bets below. Remember, you still need to look at the latest boxing news and the weekend predictions before you place a bet.

  • Fight Winner (No Draw): For this bet, all you need to do is guess which fighter you think will win. There is no possibility of a draw, as that will void the bet and return your stake. Instead, if the fighter wins by decision, TKO, or a knockout, you win the wager.
  • Fight Outcome: If you want to increase your returns when betting on the winner of a boxing match, then you can be more precise with your prediction. Choosing how the boxer wins the match will always pay more than betting on the outright winner. Depending on the weight class, the judge’s decision is the most common way a fight is decided.
  • Round Betting: One of the toughest aspects to predict is which fighter will win specific rounds. There are dozens of variations on this bet. The wager can include multiple rounds and it could also involve a fighter winning specific rounds throughout the contest. You can also bet on events to occur in certain rounds, for example, a knockdown or a point deduction. These wagers are favourable for experienced bettors, as they require a lot of knowledge and luck.
  • Will the Fight Go the Distance? This question is what every bettor should ask themselves when predicting a boxing match. If the answer is yes, then you want to avoid knockout bets or anything where the fight stops early. But, if you think the two fighters will both make it to the end, then you need to consider the judges. Remember, if you choose a fight to end with a decision, you can’t possibly win if there is a knockout.

Latest Ireland Boxing News

We are dedicated to sourcing the latest Irish boxing news 24/7. Fights can change at any point in the calendar year with injuries or multi-million-dollar deals, so it’s important to stay on top of all events. Plus, given our lengthy betting career, the tips and weekly predictions available here for free should help you avoid bad wagers. We can’t always guarantee a winning wager, but we can certainly help save you a couple of euros.

Novibet is a firm believer in responsible gambling for several reasons. We might bring you the latest boxing news now, but it’s up to you to use the information responsibly. The same goes for our betting tips. We might be on to a winner, but that doesn’t mean you should stake more than you are comfortable with. Anything can happen once that bell rings, so it’s important to not leave yourself exposed should the worst happen.

For the latest boxing news, you now know where to go. We regularly introduce new boxing predictions on the weekend, so check back here as often as you can. You can use our betting predictions for tonight’s fight, or perhaps we can inspire you to create a wager of your own.