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The Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) is a sports association designed to promote and manage traditional Irish Culture, including the Gaelic games. Football is the most popular Gaelic sport, closely followed by hurling. Camogie, rounders, and Gaelic handball have a strong following, but it’s the All-Ireland hurling and football finals that fill Croke Park every year.

If you are looking for the latest GAA news, we here at Novibet have you covered. We try to keep you updated with Gaelic sports, no matter what county you support. That includes covering popular regions, like Mayo, Kerry, Cork, and Kildare. Plus, we have the latest GAA news from Offaly, Waterford, and Wexford.

Ensure you check back here weekly to find the latest GAA news today. We are constantly finding new ways to help players place wagers, so be on the lookout for GAA betting tips and Gaelic sports predictions this weekend.

Gaelic Football Betting Tips

Betting on Gaelic football is difficult at the best of times, as you never know how a game will play out. Sure, there are favourites and underdogs like you will find at any other sport, but there is more to bet on other than the winner. With points, goals, and three types of cards, Gaelic football betting is always exciting and often unexpected.

There are many ways we can help you avoid bad GAA bets. You can brush up on your Gaelic football positions or read this list of GAA tips based on our extensive Gaelic football betting experience.

  • Do your research: As with any sport, betting on the event blind is a surefire way to lose cash. Each team has 15 players and injuries are quite common. Ensure you stay up to date with the in-form players and if any team has picked up an injury to their star man. You can’t just follow the Mayo GAA news, you must monitor each county, such as Clare GAA and Sligo GAA.
  • Form over fixtures: The trickiest part of placing a wager on any sport is being seduced by an easy fixture. Upsets happen in Gaelic football throughout the year, but the hardest part is knowing when. If you look at how a team or individuals have performed throughout the season, it can better guide you when choosing a wager.
  • Halftime over full-time: At most sportsbooks, they give you better odds when betting on the favourite to lead halfway through a game. In matches with a clear favourite, betting on this team to win the first half will return more than betting on the side to win the entire game. It pays to look for other markets when the match seems heavily one-sided.
  • Goals or points: In Gaelic football, you can bet on a player to score a goal or a certain number of points. Remember, points are more common, as no goalie can stop a shot over the crossbar. Goals are rarer in GAA as it requires fantastic team play to score.
  • Live betting: If you are unsure about a GAA fixture, your best option is not to bet. However, one way of betting on a game while reducing the risk of getting it wrong is to wait until the match starts. If you see a player lunge into tackles during a game, you could bet on them picking up a caution. Wagers like these are difficult to predict ahead of time but could come true on the day.

Hurling Betting Tips

Just like Gaelic football, betting on hurling is troublesome throughout the season. It also requires you to keep up-to-date with Offaly GAA News, Waterford GAA News, and various other counties. We encourage anyone looking to bet on GAA events to look first before placing any wagers. Any source dedicated just to Mayo GAA news is looking through rose-tinted glasses. That means they won’t offer impartial advice.

If you want to bet on hurling matches, don't forget to research your local GAA clubs in Ireland. Plus, to help you avoid bad wagers, we have a few useful tips below!

  • Research comes first: Anyone can go to their local bookies and place a bet, but that does not mean you will get it right. To increase the chances of making a correct prediction, investigate every game. Information about how the teams have played this season plus the matches played historically between the clubs is available online. Do not get caught out by not doing your homework.
  • Cash-out can be your friend: If you have ever watched a hurling match, sometimes the last five or ten minutes can erupt into exciting chaos. Each side will throw tactics out the window as they look to turn the game around and come out victorious. If the game feels on a knife-edge, most online betting websites will offer you the chance to cash out. Taking some money from a game is better than losing it all.
  • GAA tips can mislead: If you look online for GAA tips or Gaelic betting predictions today, you will see a lot of contradictions. We here at Novibet do all our research and offer independent and unbiased advice for all our fixtures. Not all our predictions come true, but third parties do not influence our decisions, unlike other websites.
  • Bet or not to bet: Hurling games come thick and fast from late January to July. That means if you are unsure about a particular fixture, there is no harm in taking a break. Deciding not to place a bet can save you money in the long run. We feel a minority of players decide not to wager when the odds are not rewarding. Don’t place a bet you aren’t 100% and don’t compromise your belief. If the bet you wanted does not pay enough, then don’t risk it.

GAA Predictions Today

Here at Novibet, we provide our loyal fans with GAA betting predictions every weekend. That means you will also find the latest Gaelic football betting tips and hurling predictions during the regular season. We have big plans for the year ahead. Be on the lookout for some fantastic betting tips and predictions over the 2024 season.

Whether you enjoy Gaelic football or hurling, we always have daily GAA predictions for you to use. Our team has over a dozen years of gambling experience, including growing up watching Gaelic sports every weekend. Through countless hours chatting over a few pints, we decided to share our GAA Predictions today, and every week, for the rest of the season.

GAA News

The best way to get the latest information is to get your news from multiple sources. Mayo GAA news sites will post different stories to the Kerry GAA news platforms. The same applies to Cork GAA news websites and Dublin, so don’t be afraid to look around. It often pays well to spend that bit of time looking for information. All it takes is for one site to post something you might have missed for it all to be worth it.

Besides GAA news, we also cover various other important stories. We already have lists of the best GAA footballers of all time and we are working on a list of the best hurlers. Check back here next weekend to see what other topics we have covered.

Popular Gaelic Betting Markets

There are dozens of markets available for every GAA match this season. That includes outright predictions, live wagers, and bets that payout before the final whistle. You can bet on the National Football League (NFL), the most popular Gaelic Football competition. Or you can wager on the National Hurling League (NHL), the main hurling league. Both Gaelic sports build up to an All-Ireland competition, where the winner represents the best county in Ireland.

Whether you visit an online sports betting platform or your local bookmaker, there are multiple popular bets for GAA fixtures.

  • Full-Time Result: Most of the time, this bet will offer you three options. This includes the home side to win, the contest to end in a draw, or the away side picking up all the points.
  • Asian Handicap: An exciting wager where the bookie applies a handicap to both teams. The underdog starts the game with a point bonus, giving them an advantage. But the favourite must overcome a deficit by scoring a certain number of points more than the opposition. The bet does not include the possibility of a draw, resulting in a 50-50 chance of you getting it right.
  • Total Points: Often you can bet on the total number of points scored by both sides. You can choose an odd or even outcome, or whether the points scored will be higher or lower than a target number.
  • Winning Margin: If you are confident a team will win, you can increase your returns by choosing the winning margin. Most sports will allow you to choose the scoreline, but a margin allows you the freedom to be within a couple of points and still win the bet.