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Horse racing is a spectacle for fans to enjoy during the week and weekend. Not only will you find dozens of fantastic horse races in Ireland, but you can bet on events in England, Scotland, and Wales. The result is an action-packed schedule of fantastic races nearly all year round. If you are looking for horse racing tips, you are in luck!

It’s our goal at Novibet to provide racing fans with the latest Irish horse racing news weekly. Our dedicated team of writers will follow the racing calendar throughout the year. While we love covering humongous events like the Aintree Grand National and Punchestown Festival, there are races every weekend to get excited about. Check here weekly for the latest horse racing news, predictions, and betting tips.

Irish Horse Racing News

Finding a dedicated source of Irish horse racing news is tricky. The world of racing is constantly on the move, with trainers, jockeys, and the next thoroughbred right around the corner. Staying on top of these events is a full-time job. That is where we come in. Novibet is expanding the team to cover more events and find out the latest horse racing news as soon as it is available.

Thousands watch horse racing every weekend, and injuries and mistakes make up a significant portion of what pundits look out for. On top of that, you also must watch the conditions at each track and how well the riders can respond to bad weather. Irish horse racing often requires the horses to deal with soft or heavy going. Finding out who copes best is one approach punters can use to stay one step ahead of the trend.

Stay tuned in 2024 for the best horse racing coverage in Ireland. Our growing team is here to share expertise every weekend. Whether you are looking for horse racing news today or betting tips for the weekend, our team has got you covered.

Horse Racing Predictions

Predicting horse racing events is not for the fainthearted. The sport is, in its essence, unpredictable, which is why fans flock to the grounds in thousands. Anything can happen on race day. However, as lifelong racing fans, we have seen our fair share of theatrics. Whether it’s an outsider coming off outrageous odds or an iconic horse leading from the front, there is always something to look out for in horse racing.

Our writing team has countless years of experience watching and betting on horse racing events. We use this to help guide you toward winning bets. Anyone can predict a horse race, the hard part is making rational decisions with the information available. If you are looking for reliable and winning horse racing predictions, our team is here to help. Check back here weekly for the latest horse racing predictions and betting tips.

Horse Racing Betting Tips

Betting on horse racing events is always fun unless you lose every wager on the day. But fear not. Below is a list of excellent betting tips to help you find a winning bet at our online betting site.

  • Look at Every Runner: The temptation with horse racing is to overlook the horses with outrageous odds, but it can pay to do your research. Looking at the entire field can give you a better overview of what might happen during the race. It does not have to be a thorough analysis of each racehorse but just make sure you know if there could be any nasty surprises.
  • Check the Conditions: Some horses might be odds on favourites to win at the bookies, but the conditions on the day can play a big part in the overall race. It is not unusual for a backmarker to win a race when the conditions suit the horse.
  • Choose your Bet Wisely: The markets can get overwhelming in horse racing. Betting each way is one of the best ways to help cover your losses if your horse finishes in the top five, but it can also reduce your payout if you get a winner. Try to balance the risk and reward for every bet you make on race day.
  • Take a Step Back: Superstition and intuition make up a large part of many punters’ betting strategies. However, this can only get you so far. If you find yourself drawn to a horse for an unknown reason, step back before putting money down. If you still want to bet online on a random horse just for the name, ensure you manage expectations and the size of your stake.
  • Bet With Your Head: Losing is just part of life. If your horse falls or a jockey pulls up, you must ensure it does not ruin your day. These things happen, and if you put everything on one horse, you will end up with bet regret. The horse might have let you down, but placing large wagers means you stand to lose more.
  • Be Careful with Live Betting: Some online betting sites will allow punters to place bets during the race. We find this incredibly dangerous, as the odds are often underwhelming and live betting during a race is hard to get right. If you watch horse races consistently, you will see the winner mostly comes from the chasing pack. Not the leader from the first fence.

Latest Horse Racing News Today

Our writing team is here to help you find the latest horse racing news today. Events change throughout the week and in the buildup to a race. If you intend to lock down a bet early, you must also look for insurance. Our online sports betting site will cover some wagers in case of a non-starter. Following a dedicated news source will help you avoid non-runners and other issues when betting on horse races.

Horse racing news can change at the drop of a hat. Sometimes, the weather can play havoc with the conditions, which is why you will see racing fans always talk about the going. Some horses excel in the wet. Staying updated with horse racing news also requires punters to examine weather reports. That is where we come in, as our horse racing betting tips and predictions account for the weather, current form, and various other factors. 

This Weekend’s Horse Racing Tips

When betting on horse racing this week, it is easy to get carried away. To help you stay in control and avoid some losses, we have created some bullet point horse racing betting tips. Remember these tips when browsing our online betting site or placing a bet on the horses.

  • A winning bet is always exciting, regardless of how much you have staked. 
  • Placing large wagers means you should make fewer bets. 
  • Betting small and on several horses is the best way to increase our chances of landing a winner. 
  • Placing wagers on horse races to win life-changing sums of money won’t be sustainable for long. 
  • Controlling the amount you stake and how often you bet is a surefire way to get more out of horse races.

If you have been placing horse racing bets for years, there is still plenty to learn. We have made our fair share of wagers, and our betting strategy has adapted to the times. Our strategy involves looking for ways to maximise our stake, reduce losses, and avoid losing bets. For new players, this can often sound intimidating. However, the barrier to entry for horse racing is practically zero. Yes, it takes time to understand what to look for in the field. Anyone can create an account and place a wager at our online sports betting site. The ones who stick with it take their time and bet methodically. 

If you’re getting into horse racing, keep the following in mind. Which runner has the best chance of finishing the race in the top five? If you are unsure of the answer to this question, don’t bet. The hardest thing for a new player is to learn when to walk away when the odds or events do not suit you. Knowing when to stop betting is as important as finding a winning wager.