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Irish rugby has been fantastic to watch over the years. Not only has the national team done us proud, but the best teams in Ireland all compete in the same competition. The United Rugby Championship has grown over the years to include Italian and South African teams. The result is the most competitive Rugby Union league we have seen in a long time.

If you are looking for the latest Irish rugby news, Novibet has what you need. We monitor the performances of the best Irish rugby clubs every week, giving you the most accurate rugby predictions. That means we are following Munster Rugby news, as well as the news in Leinster, Ulster, and Connacht. If you want the latest rugby news for Irish Rugby Union teams, you have come to the right place.

Our dedicated team has several years of experience creating Irish betting predictions and tips for bets on upcoming fixtures. Remember to check back here weekly for the latest rugby news in Ireland.

Rugby Betting Tips

Betting on rugby matches is more difficult than most people realise. Every season, teams pull out amazing performances to upset the favourite or prove much tougher on the road than anyone expected. With sin bins, red cards, and several ways to get points on the board, rugby betting is unpredictable at the best of times.

To help you make winning Irish rugby bets, we have created a list of helpful betting tips.

  • Home or Away: There is an undeniable advantage to playing a rugby game at home, something to consider for every wager. Some teams, such as the ones from South Africa, must embark on four-week extensive tours before they play another home match. That is why it’s important to stay on top of the latest SA rugby news.
  • Research Both Sides: Most rugby teams have faced off against each other several times in recent years. Looking into these historical results can help guide you on game day. If you are more accurate with prediction, such as the winning margin, you can increase your profitability. Research can help guide your bets and even shed some light on the wagers to avoid.
  • Winning Markets: In rugby, there are plenty of markets to bet on besides the outright winner of the match. For example, one of the most straightforward is the odd or even wager. All you have to do is guess whether the total number of points scored will add up to an odd or even number. There are other similar bets you can enjoy that don’t even rely on the final score.
  • Live Wagers: If, for whatever reason, you don’t like the look of our rugby predictions today or can’t find a wager you like, then don’t bet. The odds can change during the game, which brings live betting into play. If during a rugby match, a player looks lively, you can bet on them to score the next try. A bet like this would have huge returns in advance, but waiting until the game begins can give you valuable insight.
  • Avoid Bet Regret: In rugby matches, there is often a clear favourite and an underdog. This applies to Irish rugby, South African rugby, and even English rugby matches. Usually, underdog wagers don’t come true. Do not place bets with money you can’t afford to lose. Plus, avoid the temptation to place a bet purely on the returns. If no wager seems worthwhile, there is no harm in not spending any of your money.

Irish Rugby Predictions Today

Our writing team at Novibet has a lot of experience watching and writing daily predictions for rugby matches. We provide rugby predictions every weekend for the most important games. Plus, we include betting tips to help you avoid placing unrewarding wagers on game day.

Whether you are a fan of Munster, Leinster, Ulster, or Connacht, we have daily rugby predictions available for you to use. Our track record for betting on rugby union matches has been fantastic in recent seasons. We have placed bets wisely over the past few years, and our strategy can help you avoid poor bets. If you are looking for rugby predictions today or for next weekend, our advice is unbiased and not influenced by third parties.

Irish Rugby News

Rugby news is incredibly difficult to follow. Take the United Rugby Championship, for example. There are Scottish, Italian, and Irish rugby teams to monitor throughout the season. Each country has multiple teams, and each team will have fresh news for their players. It can be overwhelming searching each URC rugby team for the latest news. That is where we come in.

Our focus at Novibet is to provide the most useful Irish rugby news. That means prioritising injuries and teams’ news over quotes from the assistant coach. We want to give you the information you need as quickly as possible. Our focus is on Irish Rugby news, but we will also update you on the latest details from other nations. That is why our rugby betting tips are often useful, as they involve a lot of research and discussion with our team. Our team has several years of experience with online sports betting sites. Hopefully, the tips they share with you can help your rugby betting success.

Popular Irish Rugby Betting Markets

No matter what rugby match you want to bet on, there are dozens of markets to consider. Some of the most popular markets include predicting the winner at full-time and live betting on the game as it takes place. This season we have been monitoring the United Rugby Championship (URC) and the Rugby World Cup. Plus, there are cup competitions to enjoy before the Six Nations starts again.

Whether you want to sample online betting or will continue to place bets in person, there are several popular wagers for rugby games this season.

  • Full-Time Results: Betting on the full-time result is the most straightforward wager available. That is because you are guessing which team will win after 80 minutes. Yes, there is the option of a draw which can mess up a lot of wagers. But draws are rare in rugby matches. Usually, getting this bet right is easy, which is why the odds aren’t particularly rewarding.
  • Handicap: If you follow Irish rugby news, often there is a clear favourite and an underdog. Betting on the favourite is low risk, but it also has low returns. One way to even the score is to look at a handicap wager. This is where the underdog receives a points cushion, and the favourites must win by a clear margin. Both options offer fantastic returns compared to outright wagers.
  • Leader at Half-Time: Even in matches with a clear favourite, betting on a team to lead at half-time pays more than a winner at the final whistle. Looking for bets like this is exactly why rugby betting is so exciting, as there are plenty of ways to win long before the end of the match.
  • Winning Margins: If you are confident a team will win, you can get better returns by choosing the approximate margin. In situations where the best team in the league is playing the worst, predicting the number of points between the sides will return more than just selecting the favourite to win.

Latest Ireland Rugby News

Novibet is here to help anyone interested in the latest Ireland rugby news. We are here to provide insightful information and useful betting tips every week. Our betting tips offer excellent inspiration for game day, and we have plenty of experience putting our money on the line. We have been successful over the years thanks to careful bet selection and knowing when to avoid a wager. Plus, using the latest rugby news, we are often one step ahead of the curve.

We aim to put out the best rugby predictions this weekend. That means we spend countless hours researching and watching rugby games so you don't have to. Remember to check back every week for accurate rugby predictions today for the next round of fixtures.