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If you are looking for the latest Irish soccer news, Novibet is here to help. Our writing team has been following soccer ever since we were old enough to kick a ball. This year, we are keeping up with the Irish national teams and the League of Ireland Premier Division. Plus, we have a keen eye on the Sky Bet Championship and English Premier League.

No matter what kind of Irish soccer news you are looking for, we have it all, including accurate predictions every weekend. We aim to have the best soccer betting tips and most precise forecasts for the weekend action. So, whether you are looking for soccer predictions today or the latest Ireland Soccer news, we have got you covered. Our team lives and breathes soccer, so don’t miss out on the best soccer predictions.

Staying up to date with the Irish soccer news and the latest player transfer rumours is a full-time job. Trust us, we know! To help make your life easier, we are focusing on soccer matches from now on. That means you can find the best soccer predictions today for tonight’s games and the matches on the weekend.

Soccer Betting Tips

Betting on soccer matches can be a lot of fun, but it is exceptionally difficult to get it right. Soccer teams fluctuate throughout the season, that’s why it’s important to monitor the latest news. Players can pick up injuries, transfer to rival clubs, or do questionable things on and off the pitch. Staying up to date with Irish soccer news is one way to stay ahead, but there are other tips to help you find a winning wager.

Below, we have several soccer betting tips to help you place wagers on tonight’s game. Good returns are important, however, don’t get carried away placing soccer bets that have no chance of coming true.

  • Form over Fixtures: Soccer is one of those sports where teams can get results out of nowhere. The best way to judge how a match will finish is to look at recent performances. The top of the table could travel to a mid-table club, but an injury or two can shift the entire balance of the game. If a team is favourite for a result, ensure they are playing well before you place a bet.
  • High Returns Means Unlikely: When looking at soccer predictions today, you will find a lot of suggestions that lean towards the obvious choice. However, the obvious choice is often not rewarding. That means players look for ways to increase their returns, such as including more legs into their wager. You can easily bet on high returns on a soccer match. The problem is that it rarely comes true.
  • Live Wagers: Soccer matches can change at the drop of a hat. Live betting can be a fantastic alternative to betting in advance as you can make judgements based on how the match unfolds. When a player looks sharp, you can bet on them to score next. Or if someone has lunged into a few challenges, you can wager on them to get a yellow card or a straight red.
  • Do Your Research: Injuries and suspensions change games. Knowing a player is not available for the next match can have a serious impact on the full-time result. No matter how well you think you know a team, it’s always worth doing that extra bit of research to rule out any doubt. If the manager rests the starman and you bet on them to score, you have no one to blame but yourself.
  • Bet Small: One of the hardest parts when joining an online betting platform is hearing about how much people have won. Every week, some bozo wins thousands from what they claim to be a small bet. If you are hoping to hit the same jackpot, then you are in for a nasty surprise. If you look at our soccer predictions this weekend, we rarely suggest betting more than €25 on a match. That way, if you are right, you more than double your money. But if you are wrong, you have reduced the amount lost.

Irish Soccer Predictions Today

Our writing team provides you with Irish soccer predictions every weekend. That means you can find the most accurate and helpful betting tips no matter how late you leave your research before kick-off. Remember, even if you are looking for betting tips during a match, you will find the best soccer predictions today at Novibet.

Why can you trust us? Our team has over a dozen years of experience watching and betting on soccer matches. We have made every mistake in the book, which is great news for you. We have done it all to help you avoid the same pitfalls we found during our extensive soccer betting career. Plus, our weekly soccer betting predictions are unique. External sources do not influence our process when putting these predictions together. Our only goal is to help you find winning wagers.

However, that does not mean we will get every soccer prediction right from now to the end of time. We are only human and can only go on what we think is best. Upsets happen in every sport, so try to keep up to date with the latest Irish soccer news to avoid any mishaps.

Irish Soccer News

Following Irish soccer teams and the latest soccer news is hard. Each team has over two dozen players. Each of these players could leave the club, sign a new contract, pick up an injury, or receive a suspension. Plus, you also have training ground bust-ups and other personal drama that keep certain players off the pitch. Our focus is to provide you with soccer team updates and injury news throughout the season.

If you already follow Irish soccer news, you will have come across a lot of noise. These are often baseless stories or claims that float around the ether. We here at Novibet pay no attention to the rumours, and we only operate on cold hard facts. While our focus is primarily on Irish soccer news, we monitor the biggest stories from other popular leagues. This is how we can provide excellent soccer predictions for every round of fixtures. We filter out all the rubbish to bring you the verifiable facts.

Besides just the latest soccer news, we also want to share our opinions. That doesn’t mean creating biased or inaccurate soccer predictions. Instead, it allows us to celebrate the greats. Recently, we covered the best Irish soccer players of all time and we have more planned in the diary. Check back here in a few months to see what other content we produce.

Popular Irish Soccer Betting Markets

Every soccer game has dozens of markets for you to bet on. To help you find the best wagers, we have created a list of the most popular bets below. Remember, the list below is a collection of options for game day. If none of the wagers seems rewarding enough to you, there is no harm in not placing a bet.

  • Full-Time Result: Betting on a team to win a soccer game is the most straightforward wager available. However, that does not mean it will offer you the best rewards. In soccer, team drawing is far more common than in other sports, such as rugby. You need to consider a draw every time you place a bet on the full-time result.
  • Accumulator: Usually, soccer games come in bunches. That means there are multiple games on the same day, and dozens spread across the week. You can combine multiple full-time soccer predictions into one bet. The accumulator gives significantly better odds than any straight bet, but there is a cost. You need to get every single leg correct to win any money.
  • Over/Under: The over/under bet is a fantastic option and there are multiple versions of the bet available. You can wager on there being three or more goals in a match, four or fewer yellow cards, and even the number of corners taken in the match. These options are fantastic as they feel like a 50-50 chance. Either they will take ten or more corners, or they won’t.
  • Bet Builder: If you like the idea of predicting a full-time winner and one or more over/under bets, you can combine them all into one wager. Sort of like the accumulator, you can combine multiple bets on one game to create a better-paying wager. Once again, you need to get every leg correct to receive any winnings.

Latest Ireland Soccer News

Novibet has a team of passionate writers dedicated to finding the latest Ireland soccer news. It’s a passion of ours to help players stay up to date with all things soccer and offer tips to help you avoid the same mistakes we made early in our betting careers. Our soccer predictions on the weekend are here to help, but they are a forecast based on the information we have at our disposal. There is no guarantee that if you follow our soccer betting tips, you will get a winning bet.

That is why responsible gambling is so important. We can help find Kerry’s soccer news or soccer predictions for tonight’s game, but it’s up to you to decide whether to use it. If you decide to follow our advice, only wager what you can afford to lose. You can spend all day researching every soccer team on the planet, but when the whistle goes, anything can happen in 90 minutes.

If you found what we said to be useful, then make sure you check back here for the next round of fixtures. We have soccer predictions available every week, completely free. You can follow our forecasts to a tee, or you can use them as inspiration to create a wager of your own.