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The golf season is upon us, and we have dozens of exciting events to look forward to this year. However, that does not mean golf betting is easy. Betting on major golf tournaments has never been more challenging. The field is full of incredibly talented players, and the very future of the sport is in doubt. We are upping our coverage to help you make successful golf bets this year.

Novibet has expanded the writing team to cover more events and the latest golf news. We have the best golf betting tips, important Irish golf news stories, and bespoke offers for the next major tournament. Plus, we will pay special attention to the best Irish and Northern Irish golfers on tour. Whether you are a fan of Shane Lowry or Rory McIlroy, we have the latest golf news for you.

Golf Betting Tips This Week

Betting on golfing events has been incredibly challenging over the years. There is no dominant player at the top of golf anymore. The days of Tiger Woods winning everything are over. Plus, not one golfer has stepped up to fill his shoes. Instead, we have over a dozen incredible golfers who could all win the next major. How do you decide who to bet on?

We have created a helpful list to help you avoid placing bad bets or listening too much to what the best golf commentators and announcers are saying. Follow the tips below to make more successful golf wagers.

  • Follow the Tour: Ensure you follow along with who is playing and where if you bet on golf this year. Occasionally, players who don't compete every week surprise everyone and win unexpectedly, but it's rare. Instead, the players competing consistently at the top level have the best chance of lifting a trophy.
  • Watch Some Golf: This may sound obvious, but you can tell a lot about a professional golfer by watching them play. Finding out about caddy controversy or new coaching methods can help, but players low on confidence don't often win majors. Someone like Scottie Scheffler looked unstoppable a couple of years ago. But his putting and attitude on a golf course shows a different man.
  • Bet With Your Head: It is almost impossible in golf not to bet on the players you like, but you must try to resist. Players who excelled a few years ago might have good odds, but there is a reason. Expect the player who wins this weekend might not be your favourite.
  • Look Beyond a Tournament Winner: Betting on the tournament winner of a golf event is one of the hardest ways to secure profit. With over 100 players at the tournament, the odds of you guessing the winner correctly are low. A good bookmaker will offer players fantastic odds for predicting who makes the top ten or gets a certain number of birdies during a tournament. These wagers might pay less, but they are far more likely to come true!
  • Do your Research: If you are a true golf fan, you might remember previous winners over the past ten years. But what you might not recall is how they played before the tournament began. Look into how previous winners prepared for the majors, and you might stumble on a winning formula.

Remember to check back here for the golf betting tips this week. Every weekend, we update our lists and stories to give you everything you need to make a successful golf wager. We have been watching and predicting golfing events for years. Allow us to share some of our knowledge and success with you!

Latest Golf News

Getting the latest golf news is easy. Golf is such a popular sport now that every insignificant moment is captured and reported on countless times throughout the week. Our plan at Novibet is to cut through the latest golf news and report on the stories that matter. Players changing coaches, on course disputes, anything that can have a tangible effect on someone’s performance. You will not find gossip and rumours on our site, only the cold, hard facts.

We specialise in using the latest golf news to create informed bets and wagers. Using the information around LIV and other humongous events to your advantage is something anyone can do. Take a step back from the stories and drama and weigh up the odds. Using golf news to create wagers is one way to make money during the next major golfing event.

Golf Predictions This Week

Be careful when looking for golf predictions this week. Anyone can predict golfing events on the weekend, but it does not mean they will always come true. Most online predictions follow the narrative of the media. When Scheffler was on top, expectations were for him to continue winning everything. When Woods made his return, the expectations around him shot up once again.

You need to avoid getting carried away in the hype. Golf is at a stage where almost anyone could turn up and win on the weekend, so embrace it. There will be times in golf when one player dominates, or maybe two players battle at the top of the sport for years to come, but that is not happening now. You must go back to 2018 to find a year where a player won two of the Majors in one season, Brooks Koepka.

One last aspect to consider about golf predictions is that they won’t always be right. Managing the amount you bet separates a successful or unsuccessful golf bettor. Placing hundreds on Lowry to get another major win every time the tournaments come around is a waste of money. You must use your head to avoid hopeful bets, as betting on golfers when out of form rarely comes true.

LIV Golf News

Staying up to date with the latest LIV Golf News is no simple task. You can follow along on the official website, but they upload irrelevant or uninteresting news stories. We here at Novibet are flying the flag of neutrality and want to report on golf unbiasedly. So, if you are searching for a golf news source, you are in luck. Our team is versed in providing you with facts and leaving personal opinions aside.

Masters Golf Betting Tips

Betting on the Masters is one of the most difficult tournaments to get right in the entire golfing calendar. The past five years have seen five different winners, and out of those victors, only Tiger Woods has won the event more than once. Plus, we have seen the leader win by five strokes. You would have to go back to the Tiger glory days or Nick Faldo to see a player win this prestigious tournament by that wide margin.

With players taking a large lead, it is easier to predict the Green Jacket winner. However, the odds become less rewarding. Follow the golf betting tips below to land yourself a winning wager next April.

  • Don’t Bet Pre-Tournament: Yes, you can get the best odds the further in advance you make your bet, but that is not the best way to bet on golf. Usually, at the Masters, the tournament winner does not lead on the first day. Waiting to see who is in the top five on the second day is a great way to narrow down the options.
  • Odds Change Constantly: It's disheartening to see a player go from 20 to 1 down to 8/1, knowing if you bet earlier, you could have made more money. However, how much would you realistically have spent on someone at 20/1? If you win a bet, there is no point in regretting not spending more. Getting a wager correct is an achievement enough, don’t get greedy.
  • Beware Birdy Bets: One type of wager we see regularly is the number of birdies on a particular hole. The Masters is always full of surprises, but we don’t believe Augusta has a single easy hole. Plus, the weather was an enormous factor in the scoring in 2023. Be careful about using these markets.

Irish Golf News

Irish golf news is hard to find unless you want to follow Rory McIlroy. We are determined to give all Irish golfing talent time in the sun by updating you with their performances. Whether it's Shane Lowry going for another major or the next McIlroy, Novibet is here to share our sources. Remember to check back here next weekend for the latest Irish golf news, betting tips, and more!

Whether you are looking to bet on the US Open or any other golf major, we have you covered. You can place bets on the Ryder Cup bets, Solheim Cup bets, and all the other major tournaments left this year. Plus, as the events draw closer, we will upload golf predictions and betting tips for every event!