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The sport of darts is gaining momentum as a spectacle enjoyed by residents of Ireland. There are many talented Irish players on the tour, but there is more to the sport than nationalities. The personalities play a big part in the darts, as fans will boo, cheer, and bet on a player for any number of reasons. Novibet is here to help set the record straight by providing the latest darts news, predictions, and betting tips.

We have you covered if you want the latest darts news and predictions. Our dedicated team has been watching darts before it became the global sensation we all know and love today. Our valuable insight will help you when betting on darts events this year. Whether you are saving yourself for Ally Pally or want to follow the professionals across the globe, we have got you covered. Our darts betting tips and predictions are here to help you avoid dud wagers.

Darts Betting Tips

Darts betting is more complex than you think. The best players face off regularly throughout the year and rarely does one professional maintain a spotless record over another. The constant flow of games means there is a ton of data for each player when looking at potential matchups. Knowing what to do with this information can take time and effort.

Below, we have listed various darts betting tips to help new players make winning wagers.

  • Form over Fixtures: Darts is one of those sports where if someone is playing well, they can be almost impossible to stop. Look at the mighty Luke Littler in the 2024 PDC World Darts Championship. Littler made the final in his World Championship debut, beating the likes of Brendan Dolan and Rob Cross on his way to the final. Betting on a player to continue winning is much easier than guessing when a player will exit a bad patch.
  • Bet on Moments: Betting on the winner of a major darts tournament or the winner of a match usually has quite small returns. Investigate betting on individual moments to increase your chances of taking home a decent chunk. A player hitting a certain number of 180s or a three-figure checkout offers consistently larger returns than an outright prediction. Betting on a player like Luke Humphries to win is low risk but also low reward.
  • Research Previous Matches: One of the hardest parts of darts news is finding out how players are performing. There are hundreds of fantastic players on tour, so keeping track of the latest darts news and gossip is almost impossible. For darts betting, examine the recent matches for each player. Look at the highest checkout, match average, and match 180s to see how they played. The result does not often paint a full picture of where a professional is at.
  • Live Bets: One of the most underrated ways to bet on the darts is to wait until the match has started. There can be a lot of media hype and attention, but there is no way of knowing what to expect once both players are onstage. Waiting until the first few nervy sets are out of the way can help you avoid poor bets. Watching how a player picks up doubles can help you choose a winning live bet.
  • Read Player Body Language: There are many individual sports out there, but few give players the time to feel every moment like a darts player. If the opponent lands a 180 or even a nine-darter, there are no rules over how quickly they must return to the oche. We have seen some wild celebrations over the years, but don’t get too carried away. Watch how the excitement affects both players and try to bet accordingly. There are a lot of tells with professional players. They rarely hide how they are feeling when tossing the tungsten.

Darts Predictions Today

The writing team at Novibet is well-versed in watching darts and creating predictions. We provide unbiased darts predictions today so you can make an educated bet on the weekend. We use our vast experience and tons of data to create our predictions. Plus, our team pays close attention to Irish players throughout the season.

With darts news, there are often periods without major developments. Players like to keep their personal lives under wraps and very little comes out about training. Which is great news for punters. 20 or even ten years ago, players did not take the sport seriously, which meant you never knew who was turning up or how many drinks they had. Now, you can place darts bets knowing that each player is practising and giving it their all.

When creating our predictions, we look back at recent statements and interviews players give to the press. As we mentioned in our darts betting tips, the players rarely hide how they are feeling. Getting a look behind the curtain is not our only factor when creating darts predictions, but it’s one of the best ways to see who is focused.

Darts Tournaments at Novibet

If you want to bet on the darts this year, why not sign up for Novibet? We are expanding our range of darts tournaments to bet on this year and have plenty of exciting promotions lined up. Speaking of promotions, new players can claim an excellent welcome bonus when they register. You can use your bonus on a variety of tournaments and matches. Below are some competitions you can bet on at Novibet.

  • Premier League: The Premier League of Darts offers exciting matches against some of the most in-form players from February until May. Betting on the Premier League of Darts is a great way to enjoy a series of European competitions. The four best players will face off in a play-off style decider at the O2 in May.
  • PDC World Championship: While there are several important trophies to lift throughout the calendar year, the biggest is the PDC World Darts Championship. Betting on the World Championship is one of the most exciting wagers you can make in darts as there are surprises every year. Will a rookie set the stage alight again, or will one of the wily vets take the title?
  • European Darts Open: Another exciting event throughout the year is the European Darts Open. You can bet on this competition at our online sports betting site, and there are plenty of times to do so. The players travel across Europe, including Germany, Hungary, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, and the Czech Republic. The action begins in March and continues until late September.

Latest Irish Darts News

If you are a passionate darts fan from Ireland, plenty of local boys are set to compete on the big stage this year. Looking at the current world rankings, there are nine Irish and Northern Irish players in the top 150 players in the world. Keep an eye on the following players and check back here later for the latest Irish darts news.

  • Josh Rock, Northern Ireland, Rank 20
  • Daryl Gurney, Northern Ireland, Rank 27
  • Brendan Dolan, Northern Ireland, Rank 28
  • William O’Connor, Republic of Ireland, Rank 48
  • Keane Barry, Republic of Ireland, Rank 49
  • Mickey Mansell, Northern Ireland, Rank 52
  • Dylan Slevin, Republic of Ireland, Rank 68
  • Steve Lennon, Republic of Ireland Rank 92
  • Nathan Rafferty, Northern Ireland, Rank 124

We will add to this list throughout the year to celebrate the best Irish darts players. Check for the latest Irish darts news and betting tips regarding these players.