Friday, June 14, 2024

New Novibet Bet Builder


Gaming the right way means placing your own unique bet!

​Novibet’s new enhanced Bet Builder gives you the option to place the ideal bet and build your accumulator out of a variety of markets. Just select the event you are interested in and add up to 12 different bets. Keep in mind that you can place a bet builder on live events or before their ​kick-off.

Let’s have a quick look on how the New Bet Builder works:

Bet Builder is currently available for selected events. If the event in question includes the Bet Builder indication, as in the example below, you are good to go!

new bet bullder novibet 1

Just slide the Bet Builder bar and start adding your bets.

new bet builder novbet 2

Some bets cannot be combined though due to conflicting result. If this is the case, the following message will show up in your bet slip.





The Bet Builder, being in essence an accumulator, must include at least two markets. Novibet’s Bet Builder gives you the option to add up to 12 different legs. When the maximum number of markets has been reached, the relevant notification will show up in your bet slip. You can click on the bin to remove a market and replace it with another one.

new bet builder novibet 4

Once you submit your bet, you can verify that the bet builder feature has been used just by checking that the relevant reference is at the top left corner.

As you can see, the Cash out option is available for Bet Builder bets as well as the Cash out derivatives (e.g. Auto Cash out, Stop loss Cash out). Cash out is clickable provided all selections are eligible.





How does Bet Builder work?

BetBuilder, being in essence an accumulator, requires at least 2 different markets of the same event. So, if the event you are interested in has the Bet Builder sign, you can just slide the bar and start building your own unique bet.

What happens if a market within the Bet Builder is lost?

As Bet Builder is actually an enhanced version of accumulator bet, if a leg is lost, the bet will be settled as lost.

What happens if a market within a Bet Builder is voided?

In such case, please refer to Novibet’s Rules and Regulations page and/or contact Customer Support.

Can I place a Bet Builder in-play?

Bet Builder applies to selected events in-play. Select the event and check if the Bet Builder indication will show up.

Why do I not have the option to combine certain bets?

Not all markets are available to use in a Bet Builder. In addition, certain bets cannot be combined due to conflicting result. In this case, while completing your bet slip the following message will come up “Non-combinable bets”.

Can I combine a Bet Builder with selections from other events?

Bet Builder can only work with selections of the same event, live or pre-live.

Can I Cash Out a Bet Builder?

Yes, the Cash out option is available as long as all selections in your bet slip are eligible.

How does a Bet Builder appear in my Bet history?

Click on your account icon, then select transactions and choose Bet History on the left-hand menu. The bets placed using Bet Builder will be shown with the relevant indication on top.

How many selections can I add to a Bet Builder?

Here at Novibet, you can combine up to 12 different markets of the same event in one bet.

Do offers apply to a Bet Builder?

Only certain offers apply to the Bet Builder feature. The Terms and Conditions of the relevant offer will be stating so.

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