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How Long is a Rugby Match?


Rugby Match Length

A rugby match has two 40-minute halves, resulting in a game length of 80 minutes. However, if you only set aside 80 minutes to watch an entire rugby match, you would likely miss a sizeable chunk of action. So, how long is a rugby match?

Rugby matches at the highest level pause the clock throughout. This can be for injuries, substitutions, and TMO (Television Match Official) reviews for tries. In sports like soccer, they add time at the end to account for all the stoppages. In rugby, they stop the clock, ensuring the match lasts at least 80 minutes. However, this can make games last longer than expected, depending on how long it takes to review decisions.

Rugby matches take at least 100 minutes to finish. That is because of two 40-minute halves and a break during halftime. So, if you want to know how long is a rugby match, it can’t be less than 100 minutes. Games can stretch over two hours in games with plenty of stoppages and time spent playing when the clock is in the red.

We know how difficult it can be as a new fan to keep track of rugby. A great place to begin is to look into the various rugby positions. Once you understand the players’ roles, it can be a lot easier to follow along during a game.

How Many Minutes in a Rugby Match?

While there should be 80 minutes in a rugby match, it often ends up as at least 85. That is because it differs from other sports like soccer. Instead of the referee calling time on the game by blowing the whistle, the players decide when the game ends. The referee can only signal the end of the match once they send the ball into touch. This could be a dropkick from a player into the stands.

This rule is in place to encourage a late return from the trailing side. If they have the ball and keep it within the boundaries, they can continue for as long as they like. However, if they concede possession to the opposition, the other team’s players can hoof the ball out of play, ending the game.

People often wonder how long is a rugby match, but like many sports, there is no exact science to a game’s duration. Instead, several factors influence the length of a rugby match. If there is a nasty injury, that will hold things up a lot longer than substitutes. Plus, if there is no clear angle of a controversial try, the TMO will take their time to ensure they make the correct decision. That means the stoppage can last anywhere from 30 seconds to over five minutes.

Peter O'Mahony fighting a Scottish Rugby player

Rugby shares similarities with GAA sports. They both have 15 players on each side and sin bins. However, they brandish a black card in the GAA to remove a player from the game. In rugby, this card is yellow, and often takes deliberation before the referee administers the card.

How Long is a Half in a Rugby Match

Rugby matches include two halves, both 40 minutes long. However, most matches run closer to 45 minutes once you account for all the stoppages. Rugby games have plenty of periods where they stop the clock. If players misbehave or vital decisions need to be made, the officials are in no rush to start the game again.

This is where rugby trumps soccer in our books. The way players interact with officials and how TMO can affect the game are often fantastic. The fans and players can see the decisions being reviewed, and they keep everyone in the loop with on-field verdicts. This is almost the opposite of soccer, where fans and players are in the dark until a decision is made.

While there is no way of knowing exactly how long a rugby match will last, there are ways to help give you an approximate time. Understanding the length of a rugby match can help you place winning rugby bets. If you consider each half to run 45 minutes or more with the stoppages, and add 15 minutes for halftime, that results in a 105-minute game. You can experience matches shorter than 105 minutes if the decisions are straightforward. However, most games have multiple incidents to get right, resulting in a match that lasts upwards of 110 minutes.

How Long is Halftime in a Rugby Game?

In rugby matches, the players get 15 minutes to unwind and reset at the break. This is where the coaches will discuss the first period and try to rally the troops for another 40-minute battle. Halftime team talks can lead to phenomenal turnarounds in the scoreline, with a trailing team fighting back to claim victory.

If a team is struggling, the coach can change his squad, resulting in different tactics for the rest of the game. This is usually just a personnel change, like replacing the kicker or front row. In some situations, the coach can change multiple players, offering a new attacking threat for the opposition to deal with. This pause is a fantastic opportunity to place live bets on the action.

However long the first half was in a rugby game, they will always include a 15-minute break. The first half could go on for 60 minutes. It’s rare, but it happens. Even if that is the case, the player will still get 15 minutes to reset for the second period. It also gives the pundits plenty of time to discuss the action, and fans can use the facilities without missing the game. If you want to know how long is a rugby game, you must account for halftime.

How Long is a Rugby Match in the Six Nations?

Whether the match takes place in the United Rugby Championship or the Six Nations, the games are always 80 minutes long. However, important games on the international stage can play out differently compared to a standard match. Games featuring the best Irish rugby players of all time can include sneaky time-wasting tactics. Unlike sports like soccer, these tactics are not added at the end as stoppage time.

To play it safe, we recommend setting aside two hours to watch one rugby game. This will include all the stoppages and watching every minute of the action. These guidelines apply to the Six Nations and any regular-season rugby union match. Just remember, there are two 40-minute halves, plus a 15-minute break. The referee can stop the clock when reviewing decisions or discussing issues with the team captains. Plus, the game can run over forty minutes if the players decide not to kick the ball out of play. It rarely lasts over a couple of minutes, as the next score will also end the game.

Rugby Game Length

There you have it. The official length of a rugby game is 80 minutes, not including stoppages or the break at halftime. There is no way to account for the number of times the referee stops the clock during the game, but on average it’s around five minutes per half.

Now you know how long a rugby match is, it should take anywhere from 100 to 120 minutes to watch a full game. If it takes more time than this, then you have tuned in to a unique fixture. Sometimes, big incidents can occur, causing the referee to stop the clock for several minutes. This includes head injuries, important try decisions, and situations where players step over the line of what is acceptable.

These situations are rare, but anything can happen in contact sports. Rugby players are far more disciplined compared to other professions. They are more polite when they engage with the officials in discussions you can hear during the game. We have a dedicated team to support you if you are interested in betting on rugby. This includes releasing weekly rugby predictions, profitable betting tips, and sourcing various rugby news stories throughout the week.